MiFuturoFinanciero SpA is a Startup co-founded by Rodrigo Sainz and Cristóbal Pereira, both Chilean entrepreneurs. The company’s mission is to bring finance closer to people, creating fintech products and services to people to achieve their wealth creation process. From their earliest visioning sessions, their objective has been how to automate processes in the financial sector so that people could enter the financial market efficiently, without too much intermediaries in the process.

What have we done.

  • miplataforma


    Our Beginnings - friction in market

    The first problem they sought to overcome was the friction that people face as they seek to access the financial market. In order to reduce that friction, in 2013 the company developed a web platform that allows people to review different types of financial products (from fixed income to alternative assets) in just one site.

  • mimolido


    We Saw a Problem - friction in saving

    After the first platform and attracting users to it for a year, they realized that there is a second barrier for people: they need to have an initial equity of at least US $ 1,000 to use the full features of the platform. In order to resolve this friction, in 2015, they developed an App that helps people to round up their daily expenses, so the decision of spending or saving is no longer necessary. With this App (call mimolido) people spend and save at the same time.

  • godzillion


    Blockchain Technology - reduce friction

    At the end of 2015 the co-founders saw the potential of the Blockchain Technology in reducing friction in financial processes, decentralizing transfers and record keeping. After learning from the Ethereum Project and Smart Contract, the founders decided to get 100% into blockchain technology, leaving behind the centralized logic, and they started to build a fully decentralized platform as a Smart Contract on the Ethereum Blockchain, the result is Godzillion.

  • mimolido


    Decentralized Startup Crowdfunding System

    A purely decentralized Smart Contract Architecture that operates on the Ethereum Virtual Machine as a (global) primary and secondary Startups Tokens market place, would allow friction decreases in the Startup issuance process, security increases in the ownership record-keeping, and trades executions exchanging Startup Tokens for value without passing through any intermediary or central server.

  • godzillion

Today the company’s focus is to create products and services designed and programed as decentralized platforms that work on blockchain.
MiFuturoFinanciero.com SpA has received favorable press reports and coverage on radio and TV, due the innovation in the Chilean financial sector for platforms like mimolido and godzillion, the two platforms that are operating at this moment.

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Decentralized Crowdfunding

Our Team

Rodrigo Sainz

co-founder & CEO

Cristobal Pereira

co-founder & COO

Eduardo Portugues


Matias Pereira


Our Advisors

John C. Edmunds

PhD Harvard

José Luis Ruiz

PhD Wharton

Fernando Ventureira

PhD Phanteon Assas

Roberto Darrigrandi

MBA Chicago

David Díaz

PhD Manchester Business School

Our Backers


Grupo Ambar


Grupo Madesal


Andes Industrial

Venturisk Early Stage Fund